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Childrens costumes designed for fancy dress parties, educational needs and everyday fun

Kids love to dress up and make believe while playing, it helps fuel their imaginations and their educational and social development by role playing. Our costumes are designed specifically for kids and what children do, we know they run, play, climb, rough and tumble as well as have more sedate tea parties with their toys. Children often sleep in their costumes so they must be safe too. Tougher than fancy dress, playwear is more suitable for everyday wear, even for use in nurseries and schools as well as for one off parties.

Costumes that are designed for under 3's adhere to additional safety features so it is wise to choose based on the age of your child as well as their size.

Kids grow fast so we give detailed size information, if your child is on the cusp of sizes we recommend going to the larger option so they get maximum enjoyment and you get maximum value. We are always available to assist if you need some advice.