VAT and Import fees

UK Value Added Tax is added to almost all products. Prices shown on our website include VAT at the appropriate rate which is automatically updated depending on the destination country.

Purchasing without paying VAT:

British Forces Overseas

If you are a member of the UK armed forces stationed overseas with a BFPO postcode you may qualify for VAT free invoicing. You will need to send us an application for exemption from VAT under Article 15.10 of the Sixth VAT Directive or, if not available, a written order/certificate confirming eligibility under that Article from your C.O. prior to dispatch.

EU VAT Registered entities

If you are registered for VAT in another EU state ( not the UK ) you can enter your VAT details during the checkout to obtain VAT invoicing under the current EU Intrastat rules provided your registration is proven. We may request additional details to support your claim prior to dispatch.

This procedure is subject to change after the Brexit Transition Period expires.

Import Duties and local taxes

Customers outside of the UK and EU may have their purchases taxed locally by their customs authorities. Most countries operate a threshold system so that lower value items will remain exempt of taxation, however you should contact your local customs and excise department for specific details.

We provide customs information including country of origin, harmonised commodity code and price paid to the carrier. Please do not ask us to falsify this information, it can lead to delays, seizures and fines and is not worth the risk.

All local import fees are the responsibility of the buyer to pay. We cannot advise on these charges for every country so the buyer must satisfy themselves that any such charges are satisfactory prior to ordering.