Gas Bag for Camping Gaz 907

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Cover bag for gas cylinders useful for sailing, camping, campervan, motorhome, bbq and outdoor heater

  • 4-ply tough outer nylon / water resistant pvc / soft foam / bushed nylon inner all marine grade fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • Soft interior helps keep cylinder paint from getting scratched which can lead to rusting cylinders and rust staining on decks and gas cubby.
  • Padded to prevent cylinder damaging nearby items / gas cubby and kinder on the car when transporting.
  • Two retaining loops to tie/clip to suitable safe point.
  • Vented bottom to prevent gas building up inside the bag.
  • Removable lid , ease of access and to allow use of larger marine grade regulators as well as standard regulators.
  • Handles removable for tight fitting lockers.
  • Reversible label with FULL / EMPTY sides.
  • Can be left in place while cylinder is in use.
  • Helps prevent condensation.
  • Hand made in the UK.
  • Tough webbing wrap around handles for comfort to securely carry cylinders single handed or shared between two. s

Originally developed to protect yachts and motorboats that use 2.75kg Camping Gaz 907 cylinders and often need to store more than one without them getting damaged or leaving nasty rust rings on the boat.

Equally useful for anyone transporting them in a camper van, car or by hand..

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