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70mm Wichard becket and cleat fiddle violin block with plain bearings type 65408

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  • Forged S/S Wichard shackle
  • Protective cheeks increase sheave lifespan
  • Universal head that can be locked in position
  • Swivel for rotating and changing fastenings
  • Stainless steel load straps
  • Stainless steel pin
  • Stainless steel bush ensures rotation under heavy loads
  • Composite sheave.
  • Modern design
  • Withstand high loads
  • Ideal for static operations
  • The sheave runs on the stainless steel bush


  • Mainsheet systems
  • Halyard applications
  • boom vangs
  • Downhaul
  • Mast head block


  • Grade 316L stainless steel head configuration
  • Grade 316L stainless steel load straps
  • POM cheeks
  • Composite saddle for cam models
  • Composite sheave
  • Terminal shackle 316L stainless steel grade


  • 64405 55mm for 12mm rope
  • 65405 70mm for 14mm rope
  • 64408 55mm with becket and camcleat for 12mm rope
  • 65408 70mm with becket and camcleat for 14mm rope


Model Size Becket+Cam Rope Length Width Depth Shackle Working Load* Breaking Load Weight
64405  55mm  No  12mm  160mm  63mm  29mm  6mm  800Kg  1500Kg  247g
65405  70mm  No  14mm  204mm  80mm  39mm  8mm  1440Kg  2700Kg  518g
64408  55mm  Yes  12mm  186mm  95mm  61mm  6mm  480Kg  1500Kg  374g
65408  70mm  Yes  14mm  236mm  120mm  80mm  8mm  480Kg  2700Kg  748g
*working load for nautical applications

About Wichard Marine

For more than 100 years Wichard's main mission has been to provide all customers with quality products that ensure both safety and optimum performance for their sports and professional activities.

Wichard was founded in 1919 in Thiers by Henri Wichard. The company specialized initially in the manufacture of forged safety parts for industry. In the early 1970s, it took a decisive turn by working with the top sailors of the time, such as Moitessier, Tabarly and Alain Colas to develop its first boat fittings. However, it still maintained its powerful industrial activity.

50 years later, the Wichard brand has accompanied generations of sailors around the world. Wichard products are now fitted by all major yards, used by the most demanding sailors and sold in 5 continents through the company’s global distributor network.

Choosing a Wichard product means above all choosing a quality product that will ensure safety and performance during your voyages.

70mm + Cleat & Becket

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